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 Josh Newell 

I stumbled into financial services right out of college after accepting an internship with an annuity and insurance provider. My goal was to gain experience while looking for another job but turns out the experience was so good that I stayed for over 4 years. While supporting financial advisors, I helped solve some of the financial challenges their clients face. But ultimately, it wasn’t the right role for me, so I moved to England to earn an MBA from Manchester Business School (for any “football” fans – GGMU!) Life brought me back to Colorado and eventually to a position working with local and state governments, focusing on improving retirement plan offerings and outcomes for their employees. Again, I gained more great experience in roles that just weren’t for me. 

During this time and for a plethora of reasons, I accepted that the corporate world might not be for me. With both companies, I was able to help solve problems and offer solutions that really helped my clients. But I also was exposed to some of the gaps in our current system, where far too many people are being left behind. I really hate that part the most – so many people just don’t have access to the help they need. That led to Clint and I launching Better Pockets Financial. We want to have an impact by helping you have an impact – through relieving financial stress, allowing you to live the life you want.  

I am an “adopted native” of Colorado – I moved here in 2nd grade and it’s the only place I have ever felt home. My wife, Jess, and I are staying joyfully busy raising our daughter (born summer 2021). Thankfully she’s found a love of traveling and allows us to join her. Luna, our mighty mutt, rounds out the family. We love calling Englewood home, where I serve as the Chairperson for the City’s Budget Advisory Committee. Beyond that, it’s hard to turn down an invite to the mountains or golf course for the little free time I do have. 


Favorite Travels

  • The Next One!

  • Seeing the expanse of the Great Wall

  • Impact of the Anne Frank House

  • Whale watching on the Great Barrier Reef

  • My daughter playing on Hawaiian Beaches

Favorite Beer

  • Sunshine Wheat! (New Belgium Brewery)

Things I nerd out on

  • Manchester United

  • Politics (if anyone can help me quit)

  • How the brain works

  • Philosophical Conversation

 Clint Edgar 

Throughout my career journey, I have consistently worked to improve the lives of others and my communities. And my career has been a journey! Prior to entering the financial services sector, my contributions to Colorado’s Child Welfare system as a Compliance Investigator were critical to improvements in practice implementation, compliance, and outcomes for children and families. This experience came after many years as a county caseworker helping children and families who were involved in the same Child Welfare system.  
I was drawn to becoming a Financial Advisor by recognizing the unmet needs that individuals, families, and businesses have in making informed decisions with their funds to achieve their version of financial wellness. As a result, I started Better Pockets Financial – alongside Josh – to continue making a positive impact on others.  
The thread of commonality that links all my professional roles is my personal mission to make a positive impact on others, so they can subsequently foster their own positive impact on others, creating a community-level movement towards positive change! As such, I value building strength-based relationships, having candid conversations, comprehensive planning, and working cooperatively in a trustworthy manner. 
I am a native of Colorado and have lived along the front range and mountain regions. I received a bachelor's degree in Social Work from Colorado State University (CSU) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Regis University. 
When not working, I enjoy spending time with my amazing wife, Carla, our cockapoo dog, and extended family. My interests – which I am always happy to discuss – include restoring/driving classic automobiles, attending cars-n-coffee events, travelling domestically and globally, listening to a diverse selection of music, and experiencing other cultures. And, the mountains call to me regularly, so I look for opportunities to go fishing, hiking, camping, or exploring. 
Outside of work, I volunteer with local non-profit organizations to give back to our community.

Favorite Travels

  • Bolivia

  • Italy

  • Oregon Coast

  • Vancouver

Favorite Beers

  • The Reverend (Avery Brewing)

  • Sister Christian (Locavore Beer Works)

  • Dead Guy Ale (Rogue Brewery

Ask Me About

  • The "Energy Bucket" Concept

  • The Organizations I Volunteer With

  • Being an Car-Geek

 J.O. Suttles

I have always considered myself a Helper. The first stop on my professional journey was as a Police Officer in Texas.

It was in this position I worked diligently to develop relationships using a “community policing” philosophy where trust and understanding are critical, as they are similarly essential in financial planning. In this role, I also realized I had a knack for finance, as I often found myself helping colleagues understand how the retirement plan worked and what to consider to maximize their benefit options.


As I aged, I realized that remaining a street Officer ensured a long-term bodily toll, faced by workers in many physically strenuous occupations. In my last 4 years of that profession, I found fee-only financial planning and realized I had discovered my 2nd career. After 20 years of service, I retired at the end of 2016 to attend The University of Texas at Dallas as a non-traditional student. I graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Finance (BSF) and started my new career in financial planning.


Josh and Clint share my mission and passion for helping others. I have found my professional home with Better Pockets Financial.


Outside of finance, I like to bicycle and travel with my wife. (I was once assigned to bicycle patrol for 5 years…biking stuck as a hobby I enjoy.) I love animals! Our cat, Goose Jonesy McMurder Mittens, is our sole furry companion for the moment. I also volunteer with a local community theater, where I help build and tear down sets and spend time at a non-profit for adults with developmental disabilities. I enjoy puns of all stripes and encourage their frequent use as we work together.

Favorite Travels

  • Cruising

  • London Ontario

  • Camping (any site with power)

Favorite Beers

  • Shiner

  • Yuengling

Video Games

  • Fallout Series (not '76)

  • Elder Scrolls (online and Skyrim)

  • No Mans Sky

  • The Last of Us

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