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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if I can benefit from your services?
    Our services are designed to assist individuals seeking expert financial guidance, including those who are just starting their journey of building wealth, to those who are considered high net worth individuals.
  • What does "fee-only" mean, and why is it important?
    Being "fee-only" means that our firm is compensated solely by client fees and does not receive commissions or incentives for recommending specific financial products. This ensures that our advice is unbiased and aligned with your best interests. On the other hand, "fee-based" means a financial professional can change their role to suit the situation, which includes selling financial products for a commission or incentive. We at Better Pockets Financial are "fee-only", not "fee-based". It's nuanced, I know, but incredibly important.
  • Do you act as a fiduciary?
    At Better Pockets Financial, we act in the role of a Fiduciary…putting your best interests first. We believe this is the only way financial planning services should be provided, which is reflected in our organizational values. We have a commitment to not sell products to our clients and find this is the best way forward for the industry. Please know, if you have additional questions about Fiduciary Duty, let’s find a time to talk further.
  • I like the "fee-only" approach, but what amount of investable assets do I need to have to work with you?
    There are advisors that require a minimum amount of assets, usually around $500,000 and sometimes upwards of $1 Million in investable assets. At Better Pockets Financial, we do NOT endorse this practice as we believe all should have access to financial planning support. We have no minimum requirement for investable assets and our fees are detailed in our conversations together, before you get started with us.
  • All that sounds great. But how do you charge for your services?
    As a Fiduciary, "fee-only" firm, we charge a transparent and straightforward fee. This fee can come from either your checking/credit card or a percentage fee of your assets under our management. It's simple: If your assets under our management are above an established threshold, a percentage AUM charge applies and the flat fee does not apply. If your assets under our management are below an established threshold, a flat fee applies and the percentage AUM does not apply. Retirement plans for businesses are a little bit different. Check the Businesses FAQ for more information. (Note, our investment provider has a separate percentage AUM fee. Refer to our ADV2A for more information.)
  • I need Financial Planning and Investment Management in my life, but how much time does it take to get going?
    Getting going is not as exhaustive as you might think. Yes, it does take time to share information, collaborate together, and get heading in the right direction. And we do our best to streamline the process using great software and by meeting via videoconference, saving even more time. (No printing out paperwork, commuting to an office or waiting in a reception area!) Our emphasis is on being thorough and accurate in the work we do together while being respectful of your greatest asset…time. And, as my father always told me: “Fast work isn’t always Good, and Good work isn’t always Fast.”
  • I see you're based out of Colorado and I live in another state. Can I still work with you?
    Yes! Better Pockets Financial is based out of Colorado but we are not limited to only working with Coloradoans. As long as you reside in the United States and are comfortable communicating by videoconference, there are no barriers to us working together. Our firm intentionally built a practice with accessible and available services, which we have achieved by using fantastic technology.
  • I've tried to work with financial professionals before, but it hasn't been a great fit. What makes you different?
    Great question. Congratulations on taking some steps to better your financial situation. Because of our "fee-only" approach, we are able to be incredibly flexible in the way we work together. Do you want investment management services only? No problem. Do you want financial planning services only? No problem. You want both investment management and financial planning? Yup, no problem. And it can not be emphasized enough, our "fee-only" approach means we are Fiduciaries at all times, putting your best interests first. This is a distinction that deserves a special spotlight. We want your experience with us to be exactly what you envision it to be. Let's talk through it and see how we are a good fit for each other. Start that conversation HERE.
  • Alright, I'm thinking I would like to talk further. How do I get started?
    That's exciting! And we are happy to learn more about you, your goals and needs, and working towards positive change. Contact us to schedule an initial conversation. During this meeting, we will learn more about you and introduce ourselves further - including our fees and processes - and answer your questions. You can start by providing us your contact information HERE and we'll reach out to get a videoconference scheduled.
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