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Navigating Finance With Purpose: 3 Characteristics of Better Pockets Financial Clients

Updated: May 10

In financial planning, it's easy to become ensnared by the allure of numbers, charts, and market trends, fixating solely on metrics like return on investment, years to retirement, and projected cash flow. While these are undoubtedly important aspects, at Better Pockets Financial, we've chosen to chart a different course from the conventional approach adopted by many other firms.

We view money not as an entity with inherent power or meaning but rather as mere pieces of paper or metal. It's only through assigning value and significance to these physical forms of currency that we begin to grasp the true implications of money in our lives. This fundamental belief has guided us in establishing our financial investment firm. Unlike firms focused on chasing returns, our mission is to empower our clients to make a positive impact in their “pocket” of the world.

Purposeful Financial Planning for Diverse Clients

3 Characteristics of Better Pocket Clients

1. They’re personal and professional “helpers.”

While assisting all types of individuals and families in attaining financial wellness is integral to our mission, we have a special focus in supporting the "world's helpers." These include professionals, philanthropists, educators, environmentalists, volunteers, community leaders, healers, public/civil servants, and humanitarians. They want to leverage their time, money, and resources for purposes beyond mere wealth accumulation — they want to positively impact their community, not just pad their bank accounts.

2. They desire purpose in their financial planning

Central to our approach is guiding our clients to create a Statement of Financial Purpose. This isn't just a quick list of financial goals; it's a dynamic expression of a client’s values and aspirations. Through an intentional, carefully crafted sequence of questions, reflection, and answers, we uncover what truly matters to you.

To give you an idea of our end goal in the process, here are a few examples of what a Statement of Financial Purpose could be:

●   “I will ensure the security and well-being of my loved ones through investments in home, education, and shared experiences.”

●   “I will use my financial resources to support causes and organizations aligning with my values and fostering positive change in my community.”

●  “Valuing a meaningful and fulfilling career, I will use my resources to invest in my education, training, and advancement opportunities.

● “I will use my resources to achieve financial independence so I can enjoy financial freedom and pursue interests without the constraints of traditional employment.”

●  “Prioritizing experiences over possessions, I will save and budget for travel and exploration.”

●  “I will plan for wealth preservation and estate distribution to leave a lasting legacy for future generations or support important causes.”

(Inspiring!  Is there one that resonates with you?)

I've witnessed it countless times — the visible sense of peace and relief that washes over clients as they review their statement of purpose upon completion of our process.

Having a financial plan that is deeply rooted in beliefs and values serves as a powerful antidote to the anxiety, stress, shame, and guilt often associated with money. With newfound clarity and confidence in their financial future, they can focus on their life’s work, confident that it will positively impact the world.

3. They’re looking for fee transparency

At our firm, transparency and client-centricity are at the core of everything we do. As fiduciaries, our clients' best interests are always prioritized—without exception. We don't earn commissions or accept kickbacks, guaranteeing unbiased advice that aligns with client goals. Plus, with no minimum investment, we're dedicated to making financial guidance accessible to all, regardless of financial status.


At Better Pockets Financial, we believe your wealth should reflect who you are and what you stand for. If this sounds like the type of financial support and advising you’re interested in, reach out and let us help you unlock your finances' true potential to create a life rich in meaning and impact. It begins simply with a conversation.


Clinton Edgar, Financial Advisor & Co-Founder

Written with assistance from Paris Backston

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